We source high quality fresh fruits, and turn them into healthyconvenient and tasty snacks, drinks, meals and more. 

We’re proud to be a produce business, and what makes us different is the care and innovation with which we process every single item of fresh fruit. Our customers and their consumers are always front and centre of our minds.

In 1985, the company started around three core tenets: customer intimacy, sourcing expertise and quality fruit. Times have changed but these principles remain.


Our mission, to customers and businesses, is to champion our chosen fruit categories and to promote healthier lifestyles. And because fresh fruit is at the heart of everything we do, we strive to source the highest quality produce and add value at every step of its journey. 

Nobody has the level of experience we do, because no one else actually does what we do.


Nothing is ever quite perfect and we’re never quite happy. Because everything can always be tweaked and refined. That’s why we’re constantly innovating and exploring new ways to maximise the freshness, taste and quality of our fruit. 

Just looking at our freshly squeezed orange juice, we can go from whole fruit to sealed in a bottle in just two hours. For the fullest flavour and most vibrant colour. 

And because we work so fresh, we can minimise waste by giving almost all of our fruit a second life as shreds, zests and other by-products. In fact, most of our produce even has a third life, as any remaining leftovers go into animal foods.