We are the UK’s leading fresh fruit manufacturer, and we stay that way by attracting, growing and keeping the strongest talent.

You’ll be joining an innovative, forward-thinking team with around one hundred years of combined category experience in the management team alone. in the management team alone.

We’re looking for motivated, passionate people with a desire to produce tasty, high quality fresh fruit products that everyone can be proud of, day after day. 

Entrepreneurial, creative minds in every division that can spot an opportunity for growth, and make it happen with precision and nuance.

We retain talent longer than average by recognising and rewarding attitude and results. We have many members of staff who have been with us for 20 years, and some for more than 30. 

It’s an exciting and interesting career no matter your background, with many different roles that suit different interests and skillsWe are proud to have strong leadership, with a clear company-wide vision and expert department heads who are approachable and inspirational. All our teams have their own feel and dynamic but there’s plenty of close collaboration and cross-discipline work.

Many of our workflows and processes touch many different teams at different times, creating a vibrant, diverse atmosphere where everyone’s invested in success. Our people genuinely love what they do, they work for each other and they love to work with other divisions. There’s a real shared belief in the products we produce that can’t be manufactured. 

Company culture that strong doesn’t just appear overnight. It’s the result of 35 years hand-picking the best talent and letting them express themselves. Everyone is encouraged to take personal responsibility over their own tasks and then sees the impact of what they do, which is crucial.

Gateshead Factory Unit S147 Kingsway Team Valley Trading Estate Gateshead Tyne And Wear NE11 0SU
Head Office and Corby Factory Earlstrees Industrial Estate 79 Manton Road Corby NN17 4JL


Our departments each share the same desire to encourage their staff’s ambitions, and every career has the opportunity to develop upwards. In fact, many of our leaders now started in the business as juniors and have worked their way up. Passion, effort and results really are noticed and you will be rewarded.


The purchasing team at Orchard House immerse ourselves fully in the supply base, meeting exciting people from all over the world who are passionate about what they grow and produce for us. We work together to make sure our consumers have the best of everything the fresh produce market has to offer from innovative and sustainable growers and producers, many of whom have been our supply partners for more than 20 years. Every day we meet new challenges from changing growing conditions, weather and the market, and this fast paced environment is what we thrive on. The huge diversity of raw materials we source makes sure no two days are ever the same.


In the technical team we make sure all our products are not only produced to safe and legal standards, but also to the highest quality. We have robust systems in place to make sure all due diligence is in place and compliant a long time before our products are even manufactured. Our team drives food safety and quality culture at each of the sites and plays an integral part in innovation.


Commercial is central to our business by leading growth externally, representing the face of the customer internally and embodying the company’s values to all.

In Commercial you will gain a clear understanding of Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Planning. You will also work closely with Finance, Operations and Procurement enabling you to understand the impacts of any products and promotions you launch.

Customer Insight shapes everything we do and you will work hand-in hand with our Category and Development Colleagues to form a natural work team.

New product department is key to the future of our business: creating new and exciting products for the market with insights from our category team to make sure our customers’ and consumers’ needs are met. Development at Orchard House Foods is very fast-paced and varied as we are working with many different category areas, but fruit is at the heart of what we do. As such, we work closely with Factory and Technical teams to develop the ideas, and then take them into the factory to scale up for full production, which can be very rewarding.

Engineering / Continuous Improvement (CI) and Automation

Our department exists to provide safe, compliant and  sustainable engineering solutions in support of the Operations team and wider stakeholders. 

And we make it happen with an incredibly experienced, multi-skilled and long-serving team across each discipline. 

Leading in automation and innovation, and with a strong CI approach, every day is a challenge and an opportunity to employ best practices and be better than yesterday.

Our Engineering/CI roadmap and top-to-bottom succession plans provide clear direction to take care of the present, as well plan for the future.


We’re a small but experienced team who provide onsite advice and guidance for all areas of the business, supporting employees at every level through their career journey.

Our HR strategy is to attract and retain the best talent for the business, invest in our most important asset – our people – and to work with integrity at all times.

We love to collaborate and speak to talent from all different backgrounds. It’s a fast-paced environment, where every day poses a new challenge, which is just the way we like it.


We partner with all areas of the business to support the overall strategic objectives set by senior management. Part of our key responsibilities are making sure statutory compliance is met and robust controls are in place. We also play a key role in supporting the commercial teams to make sure customer needs are met while still securing profitability for the business.

Learning and Development

We believe in nurturing the skills, experiences and knowledge of all employees, and creating an environment that invests in their present and future. Everything is designed to help everyone be the best they can be. Learning and development is key to our culture and something we will always continue to invest in. From the moment you join our organisation, you start out on a journey of learning and growth that will follow you throughout your career at Orchard House.

You will be responsible for helping to shape each employee’s initial induction and training (along with virtual or classroom delivery where required) to make sure everyone continues to  work safely and successfully, regardless of their role.


We’re proud to announce the launch of our Apprenticeship programme, with a number of opportunities forthcoming in Health and Safety, Engineering and Procurement. Full support is given to both Apprentice and their line manager, as well as working closely with the provider to make sure everything is in place for the Apprentice to succeed. Watch this space as we are currently working on expanding our Apprenticeships programme with more apprentice
opportunities coming soon in 2021 and 2022.