It goes without saying that we’d be nothing without our staff. They are the most passionate, committed teamwho work tirelessly to make sure every single product is beautiful, fruity and tasty. 

We want everyone to remain challenged and fulfilled as they follow their ambitions. That’s why our average length of service is well above the industry standard. 

We also like to reward drive and hard work, with promotions and responsibility based purely on merit, not time or prescribed metrics. In fact, two of our current leadership team actually started as juniors and worked their way all the way up.


Everything we do is reliant on human hands. It’s that physical connection to the products that separates us and keeps us motivated.

We’re proud to support the local communities around Corby and Gateshead, as well as our growers, planters and pickers all around the world.

The next generation

We live for today but plan for tomorrow. Our business is designed to be as future-proof as possible, and our corporate social responsibility programmes are extensive: 

  • We work with bottles made from recycled material, that themselves are then 100% recyclable
  • We encourage fitness and wellness amongst our staff, including a revolutionary ‘Talk To Us’ project which encourages all staff to think about their mental health and the mental health of their co-workers
  • We promote healthy and natural snacking around the country
  • We’re constantly innovating to design products below sugar tax limits
  • Although we are a global sourcing and manufacturing business, we take steps every year to minimise our carbon footprint and engage in carbon offsetting schemes


Alex Tompkins

Claire Price-Jones
Head of Finance

Grant McLean
Operations Director

Janey Cawsey
Procurement Director

Louise Cull
Head of Human Resources

Nick Gollins
Technical Director

Tony Turner
Head of Engineering and Operational CI

Antony Greenwood
Commercial Director