We thrive in the locations and with the fruit that most people shun. We like big fruit, outsized fruit, so-called ‘wonky’ fruit because we can see that inner fresh, sweet beauty.


When dealing with fresh fruit, there are huge hurdles for food safety and pesticide. Nationally, and at an individual retail level. That’s why our experience and expertise are so crucial. We grow a lot, and we grow smart. And we use technology wherever possible to help us pick at just the right time, taking into account maturation cycles and travel.

Once harvested, fruit is ready for processing. Our growers and partners out on location follow three broad methods: 

– for robust fruit like melons and pineapples

Delicate handling
– for kiwis, grapes and most other soft fruit

UV cleansing
– for delicate fruit that needs to stay dry to avoid spoiling

We then move into cutting, which is all handled in our two sites back in the UK. We have processing machinery that can provide a variety of cut types, including classic slices and dices. We can also cut any fruit by hand to order if you have a bespoke request. Hand-cutting was how we started, and it’s a service we’ll always offer.


If you need shelf life extending, then we can provide an extra two-to-four days freshness on certain fruits by employing our patented Extra Fresh technology. This is a completely natural process, designed for mass market and retail.

The next step in the fruit journey is packing, and we can offer multiple size trays, bags, pots or any other bespoke containers that might be required. This is a high-care facility, safe and decontaminated. We also work around allergy sensitivity in our factories, with any wheat or lactose products prepared separately. Finally, labelling is offered in-house too as standard, with clear date codes telling as full a product story as you should like. 


We only make freshly-squeezed juice. We never work with frozen elements or concentrate which compromise hugely on freshness and taste. Our juice is always vibrant and delicious. 

We start by washing and sorting our source fruit. Typically the oranges we prefer are navel varieties or valencia, which are carefully chosen after years of experience to make sure we always offer the perfect flavour, quality and texture in all our juices. We also want everything to shout ‘fresh,’ so bright and vibrant fleshy fruit is always preferred. 

Our oranges are then juiced and squeezed, so the skin falls away, with separate pools for either ‘bits’ or ‘no bits.’ Any pith is removed, and anything too thick is blended to a tasty, fruity pulp.

We offer a wide range of bottling options to suit any need. Sizes range from 250ml up to pallecons

To make sure our freshly squeezed juice is as tasty and long-lasting as possible, we can also offer three varieties of treatment:

  • Fresh bottle
  • Pasteurised 
  • Pulse Electric Field (PEF)


Our jellies are all freshly made on-site, where we then add high quality fruit. This is typically a single fruit – blended, sliced or diced – floating in the jelly to provide bursts of flavour. 

Our jellies are all vegetarian, and apart from the orange varieties, all 100% vegan too. And as with our allergy-sensitive products, our non-vegan jellies are prepared separately to make sure there’s no cross-contamination.


We’re proud to say we have a development kitchen on-site to produce new ideas and products for retailers, restaurants and large manufacturers. 

For our series of iconic tarts – produced for a well-known premium high street retailer – we make our own creme patissiere and then finish every tart by hand with the tastiest fresh fruit. 

We also work to create high quality seasonal products every year – for Christmas and Valentine’s Day, for example – that offer maximum fruit flavour and a dramatic visual impact that makes them customer favourites.